PayPal Support Phone Number US

PayPal is an American company that offers online money transfer services. As one of the world’s largest Internet payment companies, PayPal was founded in 1998, and operates as an acquirer, performing payment processing for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee. PayPal gives people better ways to manage and move money and a choice and flexibility in how to send money, pay or get paid. It has its headquarters in San Jose, California, United States. PayPal has put appropriate customer care services especially to existing customers to ensure their account details are safe and secure


PayPal Phone Number:  888-221-1161

Merchant Support

Want to join us as a PayPal merchant?
Call 1800 121 1001 (10am IST to 5pm IST, Mon to Fri) and our local call centre agents are ready to assist you

Customer Support

Need help with your PayPal account?
Call 1800 419 9833 (9am IST to 9pm IST) and our local call centre agents are ready to help you.

MERCHANT SERVICES:  1866-428-0256

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1877-569-1136





PayPal Twitter account: @askpaypal


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